A synopsis of the sequence of events (BTS)

May 7, 2021
Thank you for trusting Love & Styles
May 29, 2021
A synopsis of the sequence of events (BTS), the people involved particularly the hired professionals, suppliers, the entire prenup team, special people in the lives of Sheryl & Gilbert and every helpful party that took part in this photoshoot.
The rest is history….
With all due respect & trust to the hired professionals we look forward with so much excitement to the official release of their respective output.
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🗒 Angelli Estillore-Lim of Meishon Events
📸 RatedLove Photography | Jon Jamora
📹 Rodrigo Films | Gary Rodrigo
💄 Wyndell Samuya
Dayo Sheryl Gilbert Suaner Sibucao
Netzel Grace Sibucao